Woodland: Celtic/Pagan band from USA, my wolf pack overseas. Luv you!
Louisa John Krol: amazing australian singer-songwriter, dear friend and also collaborator.
John Kelly and Maite Itoiz/ Elfenthal: Fellow friends that make fantasy/medieval music.
Elane: German band that makes fantasy music inspired in fantasy writings. From celtic rock to film music! Sweet!
Faun: Medieval folk music from Germany. Lovely crazy talented people!
Qntal: Electro medieval german band
Carles Reig: Composer, drum-player, music producer and president of
Hannah Fury: My sweet mellow traumatic ghost eerie sister!
Kim Thompsett: Fellow singer-songwriter from England and the most gorgeous eyes on earth!
Angelzoom: German singer-songwriter Claudia Uhle
Queenie amazing voice and harmonies and music.So airy and beautiful, one of my favorite indie artists and friend for long time. She´s also a writer and you can know about her books at her other site
Kori Linae Carothers: a wonderful girl and piano player 
Ron Ewing: Mountain Dulcimer player and he also build instruments
Gerry Henkel: Kantele maker and musician
Mike Burn: Guitar player and producer from Germany I've collaborated with.
Karen Kay: mediation and magic with the voice of this british singer. Another fae sister!
Louisa John Krol: an ethereal fairy from Australia
Keltia: a dark fae with a luminous heart.
Sleepthief: Justin's just broke some schemes in downtempo electronica music.
David Caballero: the gnome of the spanish new age music; pure fantasy
Richard Waters: Invertor of the wondrous waterphone.


Oristila Dieguez: Friend photographer, friend and now neighbour!! She currently collaborates in our local concerts.
Kristina Bode: Photographer from Germany, also musician
Joseph and Donny Corsentino Time of the Faeries: Awesome fantasy photographies and art
Lisa Stock and In by the Eye films: Fellow friend film maker, I've collaborated in the soundtrack of some of her short movies
Brian and Wendy Froud: Designers for The Dark Crystal and Into the Labyrinth
Esther Sanz: Fellow fantasy illustrator from Spain. My versatile talented red haired fellow!
Medusa Doll Maker: Asunción is not only a beauty but create beauty herself with her illustrations
Pinturero: Fellow illustrator from Spain. He painted me as a pinup (oops! haha)
Cris Ortega: Fellow fantasy illustrator
Amorel Hamilton: Artist, puppet creator and cute fairy
Esther Remmington: gorgeous talented red-haired fairy fantasy illustrator
Darren Holmes: Photographer from Canada
Marysia: Model and actress based in London. Also sings beautifully.
Fantasiation: Doll maker Alba García, she dollyfied me! one of my treasures
Mar Chella Gossamer Glen: Doll maker and sculptor, fairies as tiny as a thumb, cute!
Crónicas Drakonianas: Fellow friends that have made a fantasy internet tv series
Shawn Darling and Gryphon Egg productions: I'm currently collaborating in the soundtrack of Sablewood upcoming movie
Susan Schroder: Fantasy/fairy photographer. She's made some of my photographies. Talented sweet lady!
El Costurero Real: Medieval and fantasy clothing
Patricia Hedegaard: doll sculptor, the cutest faces ever
Cristina Puig: Writer and illustrator from Palma de Mallorca.
Melissa Irwin: Fellow crafter and illustrator from USA, also works for Harpsicle Harps
Jasmine Becket-Griffin (aka. Strangeling): Her fairy and goth dolls are simply delightful!
Myrea Pettit: british illustrator with delicious paintings of flowers and fairies
Victoria Frances: fantasy-goth, a dark vampiric realm. Another romantic spirit and gentle lady!
Renee Bietermpfel: amazing, wether watercolours or digital paintings, pure magic!
Selina Fenech: Fellow fantasy/fairy illustrator from Australia
Chris Down: amazing british artist of fantasy/goth and celtic patterns
Sue Miller: really naive and cute girl-fae and angels, sometimes exotic and colourful as a postcard from India.
Linda Biggs: The fairy forest, a website full of colourful vibrant fairies, a rainbow fantasy
Lisa Ravenscroft:  Cutest watercolour fairies and this lovely lady smells always like spring weather and flowers!


Fae magazine
Faerie radio
Magical Times Magazine
Beyond Fantasy Magazine
Musical Discoveries
Mystic soundscapes

Other places you can find my music

Prikosnovenie: If you're in FRANCE you can purchase my music from the french fairy label
Projekt darkwave: if you're in USA you can purchase my music from this store.
X-rec: if you're in JAPAN you can purchase my music from this store.



I'll keep on updating this site and will add more info and banners soon!