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  • Winner Best New Age Album IMA Awards 2007 (Detroit)
  • Winner Best Ambient Song  and album
    (JPfolk awards 2009 Nashville)
  • Best rising talent in music
    (Imagina Málaga 2009, Spain)
  • Nominee LA Music Awards 2008 Best Female Vocalist

Above: Priscilla live in World Trade Center BCN

Above: Priscilla live in Oregon (USA)

Above: Priscilla Hernandez live in Mallorca


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Above: Priscilla Hernandez small ensemble for acoustic performances (Hector Corcín, Priscilla Hernandez and Biel Fiol, bigger ensemble formation available for booking upon request


The soundtrack of a fairytale

My name is Priscilla Hernández. I am a composer and singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist  and fantasy illustrator from the Canary Islands now based in Navarra  (Spain).  My music can be described as "Ethereal gothic" inspired in fairy and ghost tales and with a great component of fantasy.

Angelic voices, cinematic soundscapes, bitter and meaningful lullabies. Discover the spectral spellbinding dark side of fairy tales. Melodies that weave a fantastic and unknown kingdom. The light, the shade, the fairy, the ghost, the Underliving...

I've written songs all my life but it was a hidden passion till May 2002 when I encouraged myself to upload my first recording track to "I steal the leaves" and later a demo with the same title and other songs.  After collaborating in several projects and decline a wealth of record deals in order to keep the spirit of my work untouched. I released late 2006 my debut album "Ancient shadows" with the help of my fans and listeners and under my own company and label YIDNETH (which is also the name of my illustrated comic book project). The project achieved several nominations and awards and got hundreds of positive reviews in specialized publications worldwide. I have performed in different countries like USA, UK, Germany and Spain. The visuals of our performances are inspired in worlds of wonder and fantasy, carrying away the audience to a place where Light and Shadow collide, that mysterious place you know from your dreams, wrapped by the sound of heavenly vocals and ancient, exotic instruments. Me and my ensemble of musicians are looking forward to share our magic on stage with you so do not hesitate in contact for booking information.


Late 2011 I realeased my second album  "The Underliving" which I have worked for several years. It was released in a Digi-book format with 52 pages of illustrations and artworks.

Since then I've been releasing singles unofficially through youtube and bandcamp

In 2019 I released again officially Flame  in digital format. I'm working now in the release of my third fully illustrated album "Fear no More". Still independent under my label YIDNETH I've created a Patreon to support my releases.


So if you like what I do, please spread the word! Buy my music, tell your friends about it. Consider to join me on Patreon, and stream my music from itunes, spotify and other legal digital retailers, or consider to purchase my music physiically or digitally from my official shop.


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THE UNDERLIVING (Released November 2011)

DIGIBOOK with 52 pages of artwork and 18 tracks of music.
1) In the mist  2) The Underliving 3) Feel the thrill 4) Through the Long way 5) Don't be sad 6) in my mind's eye 7) Off the lane 8) Storm 9) The After math 10) The wind song 11) Ode to the silence 12) Northern lights 13) Morning light 14) AT the dreams door 15) One last hope Bonus 16) Totonika Nova 17) Good Night Kira 18) Hidden track (Rise)



ANCIENT SHADOWS (Released late 2006, re-release mid 2008)
(IMA AWARD, best New Age album 2008, Best New Age song "Away" Jpfolk awards (2009), Best Ambient Album (Jpfolk awards 2009) 

1) Facing the dream (opening credits) 2) Away 3) Ancient Shadows 4) But if you go 5) I steal the leaves 6) The Call of the Nymph 7) The willow's lullaby 8) Nothing 9) Haunted 10) Nightmare11) Fairy tale 12)The realms of twilight 13)The voice of the night 14)Lament 15)Ahora que te has ido 16) The Prince and the fairy 17) I'm right here 18) Sueño muerto 19) Facing the dream (Closing Credits)
Ref: YID0001   Dpto. Legal: B-30796-2006    Barcode: (EAN-13): 8437007820003



-I steal the leaves (2002) DEMO

1) The Call of the nymph 2) The willow's lullaby(vocal) 3) I steal the leaves 4) Flame (electrified) with M. Burn 5) Sueño muerto 6) Nothing 7) Outer circle rebirth (with RedHeat) 8) The willow's lullaby (instrumental); 9) Hymn with Ash Earl y Steve Andrews; 10) Flame (accoustic) with M. Burn, 11) Let me free (with K. Bode)


You can buy these singles from my shop: Single Digital Downloads

  • No matter what they say (2012)
  • Ethereal (2014)
  • Moraia (2015)
  • The waking of Spring (2015)
  • Grow (2017)
  • Ligo (2018)
  • Flame (2019)


  • OST "El atardecer de un sueño" (lyrics, melody line, vocals) with Daniel Tejerina
  • OST: "Brother and sister"  directed by Lisa Stock (2008)
  • "Titania prequel" directed by Lisa Stock (2010)
  • "Sablewood" directed by Shawn Darling (currently in preproduction)
  • The Star Goddess (Audiobook by Brian Rathbone) OST (2014)


  • Seasons of Elfland by Woodland (I collaborate with vocals in two songs "Shadows" and "Golden Raven´s eye"). Also going to be featured in their forthcoming "Secrets Told"
  • Vocal/instrument collaboration in Louisa John Krol's song "Fountains of  featured in the Prikosnovenie label compilation  (2012) and in forthcoming Louisa John Krol Elderbrook Full EP
  • Chaweng Chill Out (cd published by Neuronium records, 2006, compilation made by Michel Huygen, includes "I steal the leaves" & "I'm right here" 
  • "All I ever wanted" (female voice and spanish lyric) (cd "Ain't that better" by Yellow Jumps twice (Artistlaunch, 2006)
  • "El Olvido del musgo" (vocals and harmonies) (cd "Introspective" de Joaquín Taboada (Non Profit Music))(2004) re-released in Emotive (2007)
  • Morning light (melody line, lyrics and vocals) (Psicodreamics: cd Azhdark passion )
  • single: Women of Ireland Tragey ( project,2005)
  • single: "In the air" (melody line) with Héctor Corcín (Sentiments, 2006)
  • single: "Outer circle" (lyrics, melody line, vocals) with RedHeat (Holland)
  • single: Hymn with Ash Earl and Steve Andrews (UK) (2002)
  • single:" Flame" with Mike Burn (Frankfurt) (2002)
  • single: "All I ever wanted" (spanish lyrics, vocals) with Yellow Jumps Twice ( Frankfurt, 2004)
  • Additional vocals for "When the love is gone" and "let eme free" both written by Kristina Bode (Hamburg, 2003, 2004)

- "This artist may be on the brink of defining a new style of music" (Gods of music)


"It still remains to be seen if she truly carves out an original image for herself and is more than the sum of her music influences, however Priscilla is definetly a rising talent worth watching and she is truly a gifted vocalist and lyrically is definetly a true poet. I think overall Priscilla has long term appeal and her vocal style is strong will work well accros multiple genres of music" (GODS OF MUSIC)




Painting and illustrating is my major passion. "Yidneth" is not my artistic name but my own comic project. It consists of a 74 page comic-book which has been scripted, drawn and coloured by me. "Yidneth" is adult fairytale with the only purpose of bringing back that magic we lose when we leave our childhood behind. Sort of ghost-fairy cross-over. Yidneth is intended to be published as soon as finished. I have also drawn for books, fanzines and other publications. In my shop  you may find some available prints, books and even originals. And I'm always open for comissions and custom illustration work. You can also find my artworks and drawings in my music albums they're both illustrated music projects, specially The Underliving which was published as a digi-book mingling artworks with music.

Above: Dying Fireflies (conceptual artwork for The Underliving)


A little bit more about me...

I like reading, writing, composing, drawing and fantasy, specially old illustrated fairytales books like those illustrated by Edmund Dulac, Edward Gorey,Arthur Rackham among others. I have a deep fascination for spectral gothic ghost tales, and feel particularly attracted by the dark side of folklore, fact I think that have spiced my art with a very moody and melancholic flavor. I hope you stay a while so you can get to know me and the things I enjoy making. Aside from singing I mostly play piano and keyboards, but also low whistle, recorder, hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer and others. And I'm learning to play the kantele, jouhikko, harp and other new instruments which sounds are being incorporated in my songs. My passion about rare instruments (some of my instruments can sponsors) can be found in my blog about music instruments Cool Music Instrument.
My label is called "YIDNETH" and comes from the name of my comic project. My co-partner in the company Héctor Corcín and I  are very involved in the independent way to promote music and art... the only way, doing it from the heart and going through the Long Way. I also like fantasy costuming and get dressed for my shows, so I keep also a blog about this called yourfantasycostume.

and what else!!! I love ANIMALS.. Both my CDs were dedicated to Kira, my beloved companion that I lost, she was my dog. I currently have 3 rats (fufunchis) who are 3 little starlets themselves.

And These are a few of my favorite things...!


Arthur Rackham
John Bauer
H. J. Ford
Brian and Wendy Froud
Alan Lee
Edmund Dulac
Warwick Goble
Gustav Doré
Kay Nielsen
Edward Gorey
Charles Vess


J. R. R. Tolkien
Michael Ende
MR. James
Arthur Connan Doyle
W. Hope. Hodgson
H.G. Wells
H. P. Lovecraft
C.S. Lewis
Jane Austen
Sheridan LeFanu
Algernon Blakwood
Robert Bloch,
Brontë Sisters
Edgard Allan Poe
Classic Fairytales (Mary de Morgan, W.B.Yeats)

Myths and Legends

Movie soundtracks
Héctor Corcín
Tears for Fears
Roland Orzábal
Cyndi lauper
Joe Hisaishi
Cocteau Twins
Elizabeth Fraser
Danny Elfman
David Bowie
Philipp Glass

Mike Mignola
Neil Gaiman
David Wenzel
Miyazaki (Nausicäa)


The Dark Crystal
Gibli studios
The Last Unicorn
A nightmare before Christmas & Burton
All animation, horror and fantasy overall


Rare music instruments

Sleep Paralysis
Fantasy Art
Gothic/fantasy clothes

Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

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