Frequently Asked Questions

I compose mostly "ethereal gothic" music, stories about ghosts and fairies, inspired by the books of illustrations I devoured during my childhood. This is melancholic and somehow sorrowful music. I've made of course incursions in other genres as pop (flame) or even trance (flying) but what really defines me in most of the things I've composed is ETHEREAL GOTHIC or dark new age.

Priscilla is spanish. She was born in La Palma, one of the Canary islands. The moved and lived in Tenerife (other of the islands) till she finished her studies. Then moved to Pamplona and now she lives and is based in Barcelona.. And yes sure you can send her a letter to Pobox 18046. 08080. Barcelona. Spain.

Well at this point I want to state that I've been most of the times unfairly compared to singers I didn't even know at that moment. When I started I was easily compared with Tori Amos, though I know her work now and I take it as a compliment ( I think she's very good but I have confess I have listened to her stuff cautiously to avoid influence, at leats for now) for me it was discouraging that people jumped to compare my voice as if I were copycating acts that I hadn't listened in my life. I'm glad I was pointed to her because I think she's a ver unusual and alternative act, but it was discouraging specially at the beginning to start out just being compared with another. Some pointed to Shakira, (maybe because I'm hispanic and blonde!? as I do claim and know my music or voice has nothing to do with hers I relaxed and understood that comparisons are unavoidable) I've learnt through this time, not to try to change but still seek for my spirit and my own sound looking within myself, so even when I first felt tempted to change my way of singing, soon I realized to let it flow naturally the way it gets out of myself, and I've gathered quite a lot of recognition since. So I will just tell that Enya, Tori Amos and Kate Bush were not my sources of influences though I do admire their work and it's inspiring to see this icons and women making a difference. If I have to be fair to my true sources, I learnt my weird ups and downs with a male vocalist, Roland Orzábal, from Tears for Fears, or thus it was how it sounded when I first tried to sing his songs. I think there is a really clear influence from Tears for Fears band and the moody spice of my very own music, but only smart journalists find that. I also like Liz Fraser from Cocteau Twins that I found much later on, and Cyndi Lauper was also a great influence for me (as a vocalist, not as a composer)

I compose, write and  arrange and play my songs. I mostly sing and play keyboards and piano. I also play hammered dulcimer, chalumeau, tin and low whistle, oscar tribathunder (tongue steel drum), some percussions, recorder and a bit of this and that (whatever that can make sound including bowing rods!) and I'm learning to play harp, finnish jouhikko, classical flute and finnish kantele. I'm a passionate of rare instruments and I've been lucky to have been sponsored by some luthier and fellow instrument makers. Thus I also run a blog called Cool Music Instrument where you can read about rare instruments and also see companies I endorse.
I produce most of my songs myself, though I have the unconditional help of some fellow musicians and collaborators that sometimes contribute with their instruments to my songs . For "Ancient Shadows"  and "The Underliving" production I've teamed with Héctor Corcín who is helping me adding some percussion and helping me with the mix and other production details.

Yes If you play  singular instruments and or sing and or want to join our formation and you are in Barcelona area, feel free to drop us an email via "contact".  We are always seeking for new talents to join ours and keep on growing. Of course you would have to be able wether to read the sheet music provided  or be able to perform by ear the already recorded instrumentals but most importantly that you like or enjoy the music I compose. The way of payment would be a fair repartition of the gigs income when they are paid, be aware there are some venues that are promotional and we are only covered expenses but yet it's fun to travel and I'm looking for musicians wanting to share my dream and be part of it.

Priscilla was raised in a bilingual environment and speaks both Spanish and English, and she composes as inspirations come as the rhymes comes easier in English for her, that's the way it is. Though she also writes in Spanish and is intending to learn Japanese.

I have had the chance of signing with small, medium and major labels, and I found that small labels cannot do for myself much more than what I could do, and major labels are simply abusive with rising talents with alternative genres. Thus after a while of discouragement, because I had to say "no" to a really big deal with a major, I decided to take the risk to do it on my own, and my own way, and thus I created own my own label YIDNETH RECORDS. I have I am a composer and songwriter and not a vocalist, and I'm not intending to make a drastic change of genre into standard commercial music.At the end It was me who decided to remain independent and kept  my rights for my first album already available "Ancient Shadows" and currently working in my second album also independently.

"YIDNETH" is not my artistic name but my artistic project. YIDNETH started being a comic project scripted and illustrated by myself and in fact I still have intention to publish it after releasing my CD. It was started in the nineties and it is something I've done very slowly as evolving as an artist myself. Yidneth is also the name of my company and record label intended to promote musicians and artists in relaxing genres and fantasy styles.


"I steal the leaves" was my first demo CD   and I'm afraid it's out of stock, and sales have been discontinued it included demo versions of many songs that were later included in Ancient Shadows plus a few collaborations and other songs like "Flying" or "Flame" and some collaboration tracks as well. As Ancient Shadows itself it was dedicated to Kira, and the edition was very limited in units. I kept a few myself, but I admit the quality is very demo and lofi compared to the later works. Still if someone is really really desperate and need to have it, you can make an offer LOL.  And about the single "I steal the leaves" it was entirely remastered and included in Ancient Shadows. 


The Underliving is my second and forthcoming album scheduled for 2011 if we can gather the funds for it. It is a conceptual album and also includes some of the songs that we´ve been performing on a regular basis the latest years in our shows like "through the long way", "off the lane" and "Northern Lights". It's currently in post-production and you can contribute with a donation to appear in the liner notes and also be up to date about this project in an specific section of the site.

Ancient Shadows CD is already available. You can purchase it directly from me and get a custom dedicatory in my shop. Physical copies are a digipack limited deluxe edition with two booklets full of illustrations and photos, liner notes, lyrics and an exclusive serial number. And yes you can listen to the entire album in this site (though only in streaming quality and watermarked, the CD sounds much much better of course! :)

If you're based in USA you may consider to visit CD baby or other stores. If you're only interested in the music and not the art/package the CD is also available in a cheaper way in digital only, also here in our store but also in general digital retailers like ITUNES. Only the physical copies have a VIP SERIAL NUMBER that you can use in the fanclub and in the official website to access exclusive contents and contests.

All the artworks created by  Priscilla Hernandez, either digital image or hardcopy are copyrighted. You may not take, use, copy or distribute any image without permission. Commercial use is prohibited and you cannot manufacture your own products for sale in any form without permission socompanies interested in licensing please use the contact  form.  Non commercial, non profit limited use  in personal websites is allowed if picture is  not altered in any form and is linked back here and keep full copyright acknowledgement. Most of the pictures have "like" buttons enable for facebook networking.We encourage everyone to report to us copyright infringement of our images  and I'm really grateful for that :) I reserve the right as creator to change this policy at my personal discretion at any time.

We do not wholesale art items at the moment but we can wholesale CDs for legal CD and Music stores. You can contact us for minimum wholesale order and conditions.

I do accept commissions when having the time for it. The prices varies depending on the sizes, technique (b/w, pencil, color) and so forth. When I sell a custom original it's though for personal use and use in personal projects. I keep also image rights of the drawing to use it myself. I welcome enquiries from businesses about using my artworks for product licensing, publishing or business proposals.

On a regular basis I do only sing my own compositions. I've made a few collaborations and guest voices for some friends, but though I collaborated regularly some years back when I was starting, I've tried to become more selective. I'm interested in movie score and film music collaborations overall. If you have any idea though please let me know!

Yes, all music is copyrighted to Priscilla Hernandez.  This is not COPYLEFT music and all Rights reserved and cannot be shared without her permission. If you're interested in using my music in a movie/short movie/advertisement or other publish broadcasting of the style you need to contact me for licensing information the same if you want custom music to be composed for your media project.  Do not hesitate writing I'm open to proposals. No, of course I'm not pursuing a fan-video, I'm meaning serious media releases "borrowing" the music. You can preview almost my entire works for free legally and there are also free downloads, but I am a small independent artist and I do thank when someone makes the effort of actually purchase a legal copy of the album for themselves and doesn't share it in their torrents. Every cd sold is money for my forthcoming project and though this is something unavoidable I want you to understand that each cd has been a great investment of time, dedication and money and though I perform live regularly it doesn't cover the expenses of making music.  And well if you did already LOL copied it from a not legal source... well at least I hope you like it enough to consider buying it! ;-)

Yes, we work within weight ranges according with the rates of National Spanish company CORREOS. Thus unfortunately shipping one CD only cost the same than shipping up to four because in Spain there's only one  range for shipping from 100g to 500g and the cds weight around 120 grs each. But of course if you purchase different items the weight combines being cheaper. Thus consider to purchase multiple items each time. It really woth. All shipping are tracked and shop  shipping policies can be read explained in detail here. We ship within 24-48 hours after order is placed and we do not refund once the item has been shipped. By default shipping is certified so you can track it down.

I'd love to work for film music, soundtracks are my passion and the genre that has a bigger influence in my own works. I confess that I would love to sing also with my favorite band Tears for Fears, among other special collaborations. At the moment i'm also plotting Ancient Shadows and The Underliving  more l ike a  theatre live performance with visuals and I hope we have the resources (because we don't lack the ideas) to bring more elements to the live shows.