Shopping help

Payment is done through Paypal system. It's fast, easy and secure. You can pay with your Credit Cards or use a paypal account.


Fill the Shopping Cart

You can browse the Catalog of products, and simply click on the "Buy Now" buttons of the products you want. It will add the product into your shopping cart

There are some products that require select an option before clicking the Buy Now button

You can visit your cart page anytime to review the products you have ready for checkout.

Checkout and fill Shipping Information

Click "Checkout" button to proceed with the purchase. Follow the instructions for login with your username, or you can fill the user information for new customers. A user will be created with your username and password. Your orders and file purchases will be sent to the e-mail you specify here so please make sure it is the correct e-mail.

If you already have a customer account, you don't need to specify a new user and you can log in with your username and password.

Enter your shipping information, billing information. When you fill the country and city, the shipping cost is automatically calculated depending on your country and weight of the purchase and added to your bill. If you have more than one shipping option you can select the one you prefer.

When you have entered all the data click "Review Order".

Review and Submit

If all the information is correct, you can click "Submit order" and it will go to the Paypal page to complete the payment. Once the payment is done you can go back to the shop and review that your order is correct.

If you purchased a file download, you will have the file ready for you at My Files page. You will also receive an email with links to download the files.



Disclaimer:  Atención a los compradores de Canarias, además de la dirección en observaciones debéis añadir vuestro NIF. Attention buyers from the Canary Islands, with the purchase you need to provide your NIF.