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Cover of FLY (written by my friend Serena Matthews)

This is a cover of FLY, a song written by my long time friend Serena Matthews

This is also a shout out (of course made with her permission) to her own work and also a celebration of almost 2 decades of online friendship :).  You can watch it on the videos section of this website or directly on on my YOUTUBE channel

One of my Christmas songs included in CHRISTMAS SAMPLER 2017 free CD (download)

CHRISTMAS SAMPLER 2017 (Free CD download)

My track "Winter Night" was included in the compilation CD "Christmas Sampler 2017" . You can download the FULL CD absolutely free in the link up above. It includes a very short Christmas Carol I wrote but also features many other fellow friends and artists. This sampler of Christmas music was made specially for the radio station radio featuring 17 previously unreleased tracks written only for this CD. Above you can find also the cover art so you can print it if you love to collect CDs the old fashioned way.  

And to everybody HAPPY 2018!

The Closing of the Year ( from Toys OST Cover) Xmas/Happy New year from YIDNETH STUDIO

Yuletide/Xmas blessings/Happy Holidays from YIDNETH studio "The Closing of the Year" (cover from the soundtrack TOYS (1992)). Watch video on YOUTUBE

Photographing Fairies: blog article by Wui de Lue Photography

My dear friend and photographer Wui de Lue  launched recently her new website, and I have the honour to be the topic of her first blog article "Photographing fairies". In depth review and she tells also how my work has inspired hers. Thanks so much for such honour. Article includes many previously unreleased pictures of me taken by her.

Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus OST Cover) Halloween Treat!

A special Halloween treat :) This is one of my favourite Halloween songs, "Come Little Children" from Hocus Pocus music score. Original song composed by John Debney, humble tribute video

Away Reprise (LIVE, unedited)

Live unedited version of "Away" (Reprise). This song is a little reprise of Away (one of the songs included in my first album Ancient Shadows back in 2006 that you can actually find at my channel) but this version had different melody and lyrics and was never included in the albums. It has only been performed live during concerts. This is an acoustic live unedited version I sort of improvised as I usually play this one with hammered dulcimer. I will try to share now on more works in progress and random spontaneous improvisations and live moments from the studio. Hopefully soon also live concerts through youtube :)
Filmed July 2017
If you like it, please subscribe YOUTUBE CHANNEL

"This Song" (live acoustic version)

Acoustic LIVE excerpt of one of the songs featured in  my forthcoming CD "Fear no More", a duet with myself and just a piano. You can watch it on my youtube channel

You can also watch it in the LIVE videos section of this official website.

4 songs from The Underliving nominated at JUST PLAIN FOLK AWARDS

This made my day :) Four nominations at Just Plain Folk awards
Best female s.s. song (At the Dream´s Door)
Best experimental song (Rise)
Best New Age song (Northern Lights, The Underliving)

All four songs belong to my album The Underliving
Awards ceremony will be held August 5th in Los Angeles (can anyone teletransport me please? LOL) So honored, thanks so much

Full list of nominees at JUST PLAIN FOLKS

Happy Holidays video and song from Priscilla Hernandez

Dear listeners, friends and supporters, :)

Priscilla Hernandez (singer-songwriter/illustrator). I haven´t sent a newsletter in a while but I hope you still want to be updated with our news :)

I wanted to take the chance of this special day to wish you all Merry Xmas or Winter :) Closing of the years are always special, :) time for new resolutions :). I have been quiet for a while, but that didn't mean I was idle :) All the songs featured in my forthcoming album FEAR NO MORE are already recorded and I've been working on the artworks of the album. :) Another "side" project is almost half way done :), so after a quiet  I am getting ready to fight for my dream which is music, thus thanks once more each one of you for wanting to be in touch :). So among my resolutions, painting more, releasing the album, renewing the entire official site, and keep on my way to happiness. Grateful to each one of you who keep encouraging me ahead, humbly, thanks! :)

Somehow during this more introspective phase of my life I've become more and more contact back with Nature, It's been healing in many ways. These fairytale landscapes have inspired tons of new music, looking forward to share, but  I post almost daily the beautiful landscapes we visit at my instagram account.


The reason to send out this newsletter is that this month I recorded this song to wish you a MERRY YULETIDE AND HAPPY CLOSING OF THE YEAR. With our best regards from "YIDNETH STUDIO" feel free to comment and share
"With frost I´ll make your crown
With snow I´ll weave your gown
and dressed in sparkling white
you will bring the light
into this winter Night"

All music and instruments recorded by Priscilla Hernandez. VIDEO AT YOUTUBE

Another Christmas song "Carol of the Bells" can be found also at YOUTUBE

Priscilla Hernandez singer-songwriter / fantasy illustrator


Merry Xmas from YIDNETH STUDIO: Winter Night

Wishing you all the best for this closing of the year and all your dreams to become true in 2017. My goal is to release my third album Fear no More among other things... Just keep on fighting for your dreams, they are always worth, these first days of winter I made this little christmassy jingle, hope you like it, which it I wish you all the very best as the earth circles the sun once more.  WATCH VIDEO HERE

NATURE IS HOME: OST for El Costurero Real Xmas short magical short movie

"Nature is home" is a magical Christmas campaign for fantasy Clothing company that features my version of "Carol of the Bells" and "Ethereal" soundtrack. You can watch the full short movie at their website (relaunched with brand new design). This year, forget about Santa, Gifts come from the Winter Fairy herself!

Credits: An amazing team made this possible:
From  El Costurero Real (Alassie) Lady Entropy and Felix Goggles.
Direction and video  Aniol HC  Model/voiceover: Julie Leblond  and music by myself. :) HAPPY YULETIDE SEASON!

Performance in FAERIECON (USA) Labyrinth Ball

Performance in FAERIECON EAST celebrating the 30th anniversary of Labyrinth movie, where I will sing not only some songs of the forthcoming album but also some songs from the soundtrack of this awesome fantasy movie directed by Jim Henson. Guests of Honours: Cheryl Henson (Jim Henson´s daughter) and the Frouds (conceptual design and baby performing in the movie)

Herbstmond 2 world music compilation includes one song of mine

Herbsmond 2 in the second CD compilation series by At Sea Compilations presenting a collection  of World Music, acoustic  Traditional Folk and Contemporary Folk. Some songs are danceable, the other songs are dreamy and romantic. Great soundtrack for your wanderings through the nature or to sit in your garden in the evening. Herbstmond 2 features well known stars of the european Folk scence like Omnia, Irfan and Cesair and includes a song of mine "Northern Lights" previously featured in my album The Underliving.

I composed the soundtrack theme for "New voices in Fantasy" project

Last 3 days to contribute to  writer of the Worlds of Godsland Brian Rathbone New voices in fantasy audiobooks and hardcover editions, a trilogy based in the universe he created but featuring three different and stablished fantasy writers. I made the soundtrack theme "Star Goddess" for it that I will share soon but you can listen some "bits" of it in the video too as well as me greeting from the studio. Proud to be part of this project and I'm sure they'll thank your support. It's already funded but still running for 3 days more 
Últimos días para contribuir al proyecto de "nuevas voces de la fantasía" organizado por el escritor Brian Rathbone

FAERIECON! We will be returning to USA next fall

I know, it seems like ages from now but wanted to share the good news. Me, Woodland, Omnia and Euzen will perform in next Faeriecon  with The Frouds (conceptual designers of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth) as guests of honour,  next Fall in Baltimore. That means FEAR NO MORE our currently work in progress will be ready by then (likely before) :)