Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu


Here is a very old Finnish traditional folk song called "Nuku Nuku Nurmilintu" our first Winter / Yule Special. Song is very old and there are versions of it already written in 1800 and a version closer to mine in 1890, thus Public Domain. There are many lovely versions around, it's such a beautiful tune in my opinion. The recording is very minimal, using only voice, harmonies, low whistle and kantele (national Finn music instrument) as the lead. I tried my best to pronounce well the words but I'm not native so my apologies if pronunciation is not 100% accurate with all my respect to Finn Heritage :). Song is a lullaby about a wag tail (Motacilla alba). Can you count how many scenes the bird appear in? Also as always a second eater egg is that as usual I hide (one or more) ratties in the video :) Pd all my three ratties had Finn names : Ritva, Tuula and Taika Download from

Filmed in Urbasa Beechwoods, November 2019 Also thanks to El Costurero Real who makes the dress I'm wearing Additional "Motacilla Alba" bird footage with permission and courtesy of "To Wildlife Film" (thank you! :)) channel Kantele made by Gerry Henkel All arrangements in this version by Priscilla Hernandez. ( All Rights Reserved