No Matter What They Say

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Be proud of being the odd one out, the misunderstood, the strange. Rarity is often an unexpected source of beauty.
No matter what they say...
An experiment mixing female vocals, ambient, electronica and dubstep accents. Don't expect this to be a New Age song from me (this time ;-)
And yes, the video has RATS. If you are afraid, look  closer you might find them cute. I have myself two Tuula and Ritva (aka fufunchis)  and they and their friends from Piece of Heaven Rattery are the stars in the videoclip that you can watch in my youtube channel.
Tuula and Ritva (fufunchis)
Dastan, Evil dead, Valkiria, Demona y Takumi (Piece of heaven rattery)
Song featuring
Priscilla Hernandez: piano, pads, harp, flute, voice, lyrics and composition
Héctor Corcin: keyboards, second piano, drums, electronic arrangements, mixing and mastering
Armen Vartanyan: violin
Jorge Lamata: guitar
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Stalling without reason
Struggling in fears grip
Delusion builds up walls out from the dust
Don't fall into submission
Do not slave your own free will
Your strings might break if tension builds so fast
In my inner universe
time is flowing in reverse
just go back to decide
who you are, who you'll be
And no matter what they say
no matter what they say...
and no matter what they say
and no matter what they say...
They're not ready yet
they're still too blind
Just live each day no time is wasted time
And if your soul feels bitter
with more gloom it can bear
smothered by the strictness of the brain
oh... even in the harsh cold winter
just put a chance to blaze
and biting frost will fail to quench its flame
And you'll find your own voice
when you find the right words
and you'll find
and you'll find
that no matter what they say
that no matter what they say...
that no matter what they say
and no matter what they say...
no matter what they say
no matter what they say
no matter what they... say
no matter what they say