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Swords and Knives (Tribute to Tears for Fears)

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Priscilla Hernandez
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Swords and Knives (Tribute to Tears for Fears)

This is a fan-tribute to my favourite band TEARS FOR FEARS (, a very simple cover of their song "Swords and Knives" (just me and a pad, lead and keyboard recorded LIVE and subtle harmonies added afterwards also in one take) of Swords and Knives, song included in their album "The Seeds of Love" (still one of my all time favourites). I will be always grateful to this band as a major influence to become a musician myself.
Although I am usually compared (for obvious reasons) to female vocalists, the truth is that I always list them as one of my major influences as I learnt to sing listening to their albums. they always hold a special place in my "inspirational sources". In both of my albums some "Tears for Fears" references appear, as entitling one of my songs "In my minds eye" or starting another with "memories fade" small hints and clues pointing to one of my most beloved bands and songwriters. Thank you.
With honour and gratitude. And if you like this song, please check the original, mine is a more ethereal humble haunting approach.
I had previously covered "Mad World" It´s not at the moment in the channel, but thinking about re-sharing, Tears for Fears is a band I always return to.

Information about "The Seeds of Love"
Tears for Fears Official site
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Pd. my keyboard is a Roland, hahah like "Roland Orzábal" hahah ;-)

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