Enchanted December cameo medium size Reproduction (30x22 mm)

Price: 12,00€
Enchanted december fantasy cameo reproduction

Vintage looking (old silver colored cameo with a reproduction of my drawing "Enchanted December" that shows  a pale skinned sweet girl with red eyes and a complex headpiece, covered and protected with a clear acrylic cabochon. The picture is not the best, so the drawing will look much more vibrant. It comes with a matching handmade necklace 1cm wide black embroidered choker to wear around your neck (short but with a chain extension) with the illustration so you can wear it straight ahead. The size of the cameo is 30x22 mm (medium) Though this is not an ORIGINAL as originals are bigger one of a kind items and it already sold (as some of the others listed in the store) but it belongs to a very limited series that I handmade myself but in a way more affordable price.